An Enterprise-class Visitor Management Solution that keeps you Secure , Efficient & in Control.

The Solution

Microtek’s Vizismart is designed to provide a systematic procedure to manage who is entering the building, when and for what purposes.


A cloud-based solution to monitor and control real-time visitor traffic, tailored to meet your organization’s diverse security needs and policy requirements.

The Vizismart Advantage

Register | Track | Plan

Registration Express

Visitor registration just got faster and easier, simply fill in details, hit submit and print visitor card. It also allows you to pre-register individuals for future meetings.

Tracking Simplified

Track visitors by entering their details and modify information easily when they visit again. You can also look up past history by entering a date range.

Plan Ahead

You can plan visits in advance for future appointments/meetings by entering the details of the host and the visitor, which sends an SMS notification to the host about the appointment.

While automation takes over all our other processes, why not our lobby areas too?

Self check-in

Allow visitors to breeze through the registration process using tablet-enabled registration saving time and hassle. What’s more? Use the free space above to advertise company products, services, special offers and announcements as an extended marketing channel for your business.



Simplify and speed up the check-in process by managing access of visitors and reasons for their visit.


Tablet-integrated solution which also acts as a self-registration service for visitors as well as an advertisement medium for your business.


Broadcast important information/news across departments using the unique bulletin feature.

Easily Accessible

Cloud-based solution which is accessible – anytime, anywhere.


Visitors can be authenticated based on mobile OTP verification.


Real-time reports and monitoring functions along with easy-integration to internal systems.

Why Vizismart

Efficient and smart solution to security operations
Maintain visitor history and modify details for frequent visitors easily
Monitor and track visitor information and history
Create multiple users at different internal check-points
Safeguard and secure visitor information to avoid data theft and misuse
Simplify and speed-up visitor check-in process


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